About Rebecca | photographer & mentor

I'm so excited that you've found my corner of the internet and I can't wait to share a bit about myself with you.

Photo: Jeff Gelzinis

Photo: Jeff Gelzinis

My story as a photographer begins during my childhood when I was gifted a blue Kodak 110 film camera (Did you have one too?). My Grandmother was my most cooperative model (but she may have tied with our cats!). As time went on, my love of photography continued, and I had various jobs including working at camera store developing film, making prints, and selling cameras. In college I even worked at a portrait studio.

Even though I had a passion for photography, my love of science and desire to work with children led me to a profession in pediatric nursing.



Upon moving overseas I was faced with a situation where I could no longer work as a nurse practitioner, and found that I had time to devote to REALLY learning about how to use my camera to create the images that were in my mind. The inspiration I found from our surroundings as well as my growing family pushed me to become the photographer I am today (with a special thank-you to Click & Co. for their amazing online education and the many photography mentors who worked with me over the years!).



Raising our children as global citizens is a priority for us, and we spend a significant amount of our free time exploring in Taiwan, where we currently live, and traveling abroad. My two daughters and my husband are my favorite subjects, and capturing their vantage point of the world as we explore keeps me motivated and inspired. I am grateful to have the photographs that show our family growing, as well as exploring while we have been making lifelong memories.




I am blessed to be able to create memorable and authentic photographs for our family that also highlights our urban neighborhood and amazing adventures.  The strong lines and bold colors of the city landscape really push my creativity, and I love exploring, and looking for new amazing locations.  I can’t wait to have the opportunity to do the same for you and your family, wherever you would love to create memories!


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