Couples - Exploring Downtown Taichung Photo Session

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about 'why'.... why do I photograph other families and couples, why do I have a photography business? And, this couples session highlights much of what I came up with about why I love to photograph others.

I would guess that many of you out there have photos taken at your wedding, and then may not have photos taken as a couple for many many years afterwords. Our phones and hard drives are filled with photos, but they are mostly selfies and snapshots without including all members of our family. It's hard to truly capture your connection and love while shooting selfies on your phone. That's why I am honored when I'm hired to photograph others and to create lifelong memories for their families.

So, now you're probably wondering how this particular couple highlighted my 'why' and helped me to understand more of that 'why' as well. Perhaps I should start about 18 months ago when I was contacted by D to find out about booking a session for her and her husband as a Christmas gift. She was motivated to capture memories of their time in Taichung, and to highlight their neighborhood and some of the cultural elements that they encounter daily living abroad as expats. Due to travel schedules and a host of other elements (including a complete downpour when their first session was scheduled) we finally met last week, downtown, close to peoples park, where they frequently take their dogs on walks. They had also recently added another pup to their family and they all came (already hot and sweaty at 8am, as is common here in Taiwan) ready for fun.

What I loved about this session is that they were able to connect with each other, have fun and have many joy filled intimate moments, all while exploring where we live. As expats we often only live in our host country for a short time, so it's important to record special times as well as daily events to look back on in the future. So, we walked around town, exploring a few really cool spots including a wall covered with plants, a local temple, the busy downtown streets, and ended up at one of the couples (and my own) favorite cafés for delicious coffee and brunch. These are places that D and K want to remember some day when they no longer live in Taiwan.

When I look at their images I see the love they have for each other, for their dogs, and the joy that they experience living overseas together. And that is why I take photographs for clients. To record these once in a lifetime moments and memories that we just can't photograph for ourselves. Please scroll through to see the amazing time we had exploring Taichung together!


Please contact me if you are interested in booking a couples or family photo shoot in Taiwan! And, if you're looking for a delicious brunch spot please visit Juggler Café -  it really is SUPER delicious and has a cool atmosphere too! You won't regret it!!