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Composition & Color

for Ordinary and Extraordinary Adventures

Do you ever wonder why some photographs grab your attention more than others? 

For me, this has to do with the composition and color within the frame. Through a 130+ page PDF, multiple shooting, editing, and discussion videos you can learn how I utilize the foundational concepts of composition and color theory to create both personal and client images in the world around me, weather I’m at the grocery or on a traveling adventure. In addition there are some bonus materials, including a black and white editing video and a PDF with interviews from some of my favorite photographers on how they utilize color.

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This is a wonderful breakout with a thorough discussion of the core concepts. Rebecca is such a warm friendly relatable voice throughout the PDF and the videos, and you feel as if you’re being led by a friend who talks you through the stages of composition and then searching for colours to make your images stronger day by day. She shares tips and tricks on all aspects of making your photos and then delves deeper into concepts like colour theory and how she elicits such strong, bold images from her subjects.

I knew it would be good because her IG feed is so full of beautiful eye catching compositions and colours but the videos are a wonderful way of really understanding how she does this – the behind the scenes was fun to watch, and the editing videos are invaluable because she shows how just a few small tweaks can enhance your images so significantly.

Thank you – it’s an absolute delight of a breakout Rebecca!!!
— Kirsty Larmour
This is one of the best breakouts I’ve bought (and I’ve bought a lot!). When I saw the PDF, I thought, “Hmmm, this is going to be a good one,” then when I started to watch the videos, I realized that Rebecca is a bit of an overachiever; (lucky for her students) she went above and beyond. Seriously, I can’t believe I only paid $25 for this. much. information.

She took the time to not only show video of her locations and explain why she chose them, but then she showed the images she created right after. She explains everything clearly, calmly, and concisely, and repeats things (for example: her editing shortcuts) so if you didn’t get it the first time, you don’t need to rewind. BUT I did anyway (rewind, that is) b/c I wanted to write things down step by step.

I highly recommend this breakout—it’s incredibly thorough, yet Rebecca makes it simple to understand, and includes a hearty mix of shooting videos, editing videos, and written explanation and examples.

Just posted a new photo on IG and had a new follower comment: “Nice composition!”
Why thank you, New Follower and thank you, Rebecca.
— Nina Nelson