Family - Taiwan Expat Lifestyle Photography Session

What would you want to remember about living overseas? The sounds, tastes, smells and feel of your new city?? The colors, language, signs and decor?

This is a question that I try to answer with my clients on each photo session when Taiwan is not their home country. Personally, the number one thing that I want to remember is the connection and the joy that I feel with my family while living and exploring in every city that we visit. The love and bond between my children. I also want to remember how it feels to be in this place that is SO different from my home. That is why i photograph my own family on a daily basis (as you can see in little expats), but that is also why I love to photograph clients on location. To photograph their family having fun, within the buildings and city that they want to remember after moving on to a new country, or back to their home.

This dear friend incorporated some local dresses that her daughters had purchased in Taiwan into their family photos, and the bold colors just added so much extra oomph to their photos! Sadly we could not take their dog into the we just took a few photos with him outside the temple walls. How cute would the dog exploring the temple have been?!?! Does it look like they had fun? I sure hope so, as I truly enjoyed our time exploring the temple together (and you can't even tell how hot and sweaty we all were!)

This family now lives in Taipei, and I can't wait to get up there do do some exploring and photography with them there as well!

I would love to hear what memories you would want captured in your family photos...please leave me ideas in the comments!