In-Home Family Photography Is For Everyone | Portland, OR Family Photographer

In-home photography is for everyone!


Do you believe me? Have you heard this before?

I’m guessing that many people believe in-home storytelling family photo sessions are only for the newborn and infant phases of family life, and although these periods are excellent times to schedule an in home photography session, it really shouldn’t be limited to those age ranges. In home photography can be a lovely setting for a couples session as well! But now I’m getting slightly off topic.

In-home photography sessions allow family members to be in a comfortable and familiar location, where their true selves can shine!! 


Think about what you’d like to remember, from this time period of your family, right now. 


Is it your kids love of the Rubik’s cube? Baking at home together? The everyday grind of kids getting ready for the day?


How they look out the window longingly, or when weather doesn’t permit them to go outside?


The chaos of the after-school time of day filled with homework and making dinner?


How they can’t just select one book for reading time? And the colorful knickknack filled bedroom that they are in love with?


And don’t forget the epic couch jumping sessions that your kids often get away with!


In-home photography sessions create memories that your whole family will treasure for years to come.

Reach out and lets discuss what you want to remember!

And Bonus, in-home photo sessions are not dependent on the weather, which is a big plus in the PNW!