January 2017 Little Expats Favorites

Has 2017 started out super busy for everyone else?? As a Mom I continually struggle with balancing my to-do list, growing list of kid related activities, family down time, and creative endeavors (and I'd be lying if there wasn't some Hulu watching in there as well...). So, needless to say I haven't gotten the 2017 Little Expats Project fully up on the website yet, but I wanted to share some of my favorite images from the month of January, 2017. We started out the year with our arrival back to Taiwan after our holidays spent in the US, and jumped right into school activities. There are a lot more photos here of Loriel, and I think that is just coincidence as she's not in school for as many hours as her sister each week. We also had a great road trip for Lunar New Year to the East Coast of Taiwan where we played on the beach and explored more of the island. Thanks for checking out some of my favorite images from the start of our year!!


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