Newborn - New Baby Brother in Taiwan

Those first few days home with your new baby can be so overwhelming. Family and friends visiting, trying to get the handle of feeding this tiny new human, ensuring your toddler still feels the love and attention you desire for them, and not feeling totally exhausted can be super overwhelming. For some the thought of having a lifestyle photographer come into to your home at such an overwhelming time can just be too much.  But I guarantee you that these are the moments that you want to remember forever, despite the sleep deprivation induced memory loss (trust me, I had this for SURE!) and spit up on your clothes! I love how big brother just kept doing his toddler thing while I was in their home taking their newborn photos... playing trucks and running around with the energy only toddlers possess. And I'm always amazed by the tolerance of second born children, to the man-handling from older siblings and the noise that comes along with them. Big brother had a cool piano concert at the end of our session just to cap it off, and i truly enjoyed capturing this everyday activity for him while brother finally snoozed away. Perhaps I have a bit of an obsession with baby feet too!! They're just too cute! Check it out below and let me know what you think of the session in the comments please!!


If you or someone you know is having a baby in Taiwan, please get in touch with me about maternity and newborn photography. This is such a special and fleeting time to capture with a professional photography session.