PINK - The Color Project 2017 I entered into 2017 (yeah, I know...It's already May...) I decided to add a 'color project' to my 365...just to spice it up a bit!! I had actually considered doing this project last year after some online inspiration but it never quite happened. So, this year, along with my sister in law (who is an amazing photographer btw!) we're focusing on photographing one color each month. Not every day, but just as we're inspired to do so, and, it's been really fun. My girls are enjoying brainstorming photo ideas, outfits, and looking out for items or locations with our color for the month. So, these were shot back in January (and I apologize for any repeat images you may have seen from my 365 daily shooting project) but I'm just getting them into a collage to share with you all now. So, without further ado, here is PINK!

Stay tuned for the next few posts which include yellow, orange, and blue!!