Storytellers Blog Circle May - Childrens Travel Photographer

This is the third month now that I've participated in the Storytellers Blog Circle, and I've really been enjoying the participation and education that I've garnered from this lovely group of photographers. Since everyone seems to be so busy this time of year with the end of school and the warm weather, I'll just keep this post short and sweet!

With my husband and our two daughters we visited Italy in early April. It was such an amazing vacation and change from our daily life in Taiwan. One of our 'must do' activities was to visit the Colosseum, as I'm sure is the case for all visitors to Rome.

I love this image because it really captured the essence of exploring inside the Colosseum with my young daughters. It was super sunny outside already and I was loving the different opportunities for framing and shadows provided by the architecture of the building.

At one point we were descending some stairs from the upper level and we came to this window. I loved that you could see the inside of the colosseum as my daughter looked out the window.

One aspect of this shot that was so amazing to me is that I took six frames in 12 seconds. Seriously. This was a busy area in which I had to guess on my setting as I was walking down the stairs and just shoot as fast as possible before we turned the corner. And, I just love how this one image turned out. It did require a fair amount of editing, including straightening out all of my lines (I love lines but NEVER shoot square!!) and some burning of the shadow of her little hand. I'm personally partial to the color version here:


But, I did convert it to a monochrome version which I love almost just as much.


My settings for this image were ISO 250, f2.8, SS 1/640, and this was shot with my 24-70mm 2.8 lens at 24mm.

I would love to hear if you prefer the color or black and white version too!! Please follow around the storytellers blog circle and check out the work of the talented Johanna Hood!