Family - Taichung Opera House Lifestyle Photo Session


There is just something special about photographing a family for the second time. I had an amazing lifestyle family photography session last year (check it out here) with this family exploring their Taichung neighborhood, leaping over foliage, dodging scooters, and dancing our way through their local park. Sadly (for me) this dear family moved on to a new expat posting last summer in a new country... and I was completely surprised when I ran into Mom and her two children visiting friends in Taichung for fall break. She expressed her sadness that we couldn't have a photography session of her family this year, but then we decided that although her husband was not visiting with them, we could have a fun adventure exploring the Opera House, and capture some updated photos of her children for her home as well as holiday cards and gifts. It was amazing to  run (literally, we were chasing the kids through the opera house) around the opera house, finding amazing views of the city of Taichung, and the kids even spotted their old apartment building. Since I had photographed this family previously, the kids already knew that I love to have fun, laugh, dance and jump through my sessions, and they started having a blast right from the beginning!! Fingers crossed that i'll be visiting their new home in the coming months and can photograph their joyful family together in their new expat country.