Newborn - Taiwan Fresh 48 In Clinic Photo Session

I am not even sure that words can describe the honor that I felt to have photographed Baby H less than two days after he was born in Taiwan. Having a baby is difficult. Having a baby in a country that is not your own, where the hospital staff don't all speak your native language is even more difficult. But I did not sense any stress in that clinic room upon meeting baby H for the first time, only true love and adoration.

A little bit of my back story may be helpful here...prior to living in Taichung, Taiwan and working as a family photographer I was a full time Pediatric Nurse Practitioner specializing in oncology and bone marrow transplant.  I can not work as a nurse overseas...but I've been 100% ok with that because it meant that i've been able to spend the best days and hours with my own girls while they were young. Walking into that clinic room (where I felt so comfortable from my hospital nursing career), and seeing this new family made me yearn just a little bit for my nursing work... So, I got to it doing my photography thing, and it really was amazing. I felt a true combination of my nursing and photographer expertise coming together while photographing Baby H and his parents.

Being able to capture the moments that go by so quickly for a new family. The first nursing attempts, trying to get that little onesie off your squirmy baby that just won't have it, looking at tiny socks and feeling some shock that they belong to a member of your family, baby yawns, hospital bracelets, newborn hairdo's and scrunched up faces. Those moments that pass so quickly. A fresh 48 in hospital or clinic photo session can capture all of those moments so that you can return and feel that new love all over again, every time you look at your images. And since Baby H's parents are not from Taiwan, they will be able to share their experience of having him with their family overseas.

Welcome to the world, Baby H! And, THANK YOU to your parents for welcoming me to meet and photograph you so soon after your birth. I will never forget it. If you live in Taiwan and are interested in a Fresh 48 in clinic or newborn photo session please contact me as I would love to work with you and your new family!!