Family - Having Fun in Pacific Grove Oregon

Do you ever wonder what we would do at a family session?? If so, please look below to see a great example of how much FUN we have!! We run, skip, jump, have piggyback races, twirl, hide, swing, hug, and kiss!!

I was particularly thrilled to meet up with this family while in Oregon this summer as the mother is also an avid photographer (be sure to check out her amazing work on Instagram @skantog), with the desire to be in the frame more with her family. This is something that I completely identify with as a photographer and mother chasing around my own girls, so I couldn't wait to meet up with this PNW family on the campus of Pacific University in Forest Grove Oregon. They chose this location as it is near and dear to their hearts, and I really enjoyed exploring this university outside of Portland. It was a super sunny day and the grass and trees were not hiding any of their green from us, so we worked with the architecture of the university and the beautiful grounds as a backdrop for our fun activities that lead to joy filled and natural expressions.

Now, don't get me wasn't all fun and games as we did end up with a skinned knee along the way, but I love the tender moment between mom and daughter that I was able to capture as the injury was tended to and the tears were dried. It is this type of quiet moment that I want to remember as a parent, so I included those for my client as well, as it's quite hard to capture documentary self portraits in this type of situation. And to top off a great evening I had a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood on my drive home that I'll never forget. I can't wait to do more family photo sessions in the pacific northwest soon!!

Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0001Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0002Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0003Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0004Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0005Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0006Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0007Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0008Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0009Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0010Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0011Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0012Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0013Pacific_University_Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0014Pacific_University_Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0015Pacific_University_Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0016Pacific_University_Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0017Pacific_University_Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0018Pacific_University_Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0019Pacific_University_Forest_Grove_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0020Portland_Metro_Modern_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0021Portland_Metro_Modern_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0022Portland_Metro_Modern_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0023Portland_Metro_Modern_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0024Portland_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0025Portland_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0026Portland_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0027Portland_Oregon_Family_Photos_Hunnicutt_Photography_0028If you live in or will be visiting the Pacific Northwest, particularly the Seattle or Portland metro areas, and are interested in a family or couples session, please do be in touch!!