July - Storytellers Blog Circle

How has everyone's summers been going out there?? Ours has been a whirlwind of travel back to the US to visit with friends and family...and it sounds like June was super busy my fellow photographers in the storytellers blog circle as we all chose to skip the month of June and to just have fun with our families.

The below image was captured in Portland, Oregon at the city's famous Rose Garden. This is a beautiful park that we try to visit each summer when we are in town, and as I knew we'd be visiting at a very bright time of day, I chose to take only my Canon 24mm tilt shift lens to give myself an added creative challenge while chasing my girls around the garden. This is a manual focus lens and it's often quite challenging with moving subjects, but luckily my eldest found this quiet little corner of the garden in which to examine the rose petals that shed been collecting from the garden floor.

girl_with_red_flowers_portland_rose_garden_rebecca_hunnicutt_farren-2The settings for this image were ISO 320,  f3.5, and SS 1/4000 shot at 24mm.

I just loved the dreamy quality that the tilt shift added to the image while keeping my daughter and some of the beautiful shadow patterns as the focus of the shot.

I would love to hear what you think about the image below in the comments, and please don't forget to follow around the circle to check out the other amazing artists work this month. Next, please visit the website of Nicole Sanchez and see what she's been photographing lately!!