Orange - The Color Project 2017

Orange is just not a color that we have a lot of in our home or our I was a bit nervous about coming up with enough images for 'orange month' as the girls called it. I was pleasantly surprised how once you are on the look out for a color, you can find it more readily available than you previously thought. Once again this month we did some of our own image creation as well...but the orange nail polish was my youngest's choice all on her own ;) She knew what color we were on the look out for and created a photo opportunity all on her own!!


If you haven't yet looked at Pink or Yellow, please do check them out!!

And, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments on how the project is shaping up as well!! (We have an idea for what we'd like to do with the color project images when we're all done with the year too... I'll keep you in suspense though right now!)