Family | At Home & At Starbucks

Lifestyle Photography Session For a Family With Middle School(ish) Aged Children

In Home and On Location at Starbucks in Taichung, Taiwan

I was so happy to hear that this family with older children wanted to schedule a photo session with me recently. They were motivated to capture images of their children to share with the various grandparents and family members worldwide, but also understood the importance of recording who their children are at their current stages, and where they currently live, as they are newer to Taiwan.

So, we chose to have their photo session in their high rise apartment to document where their abode, both inside as well as the balcony that they love to enjoy with the grand city scape right outside, as well as at the Starbucks Cafe that just happens to be in the lobby of their building as well. (Turns out that they may just spend as much time at Starbucks as my family does, which is quite a lot as well... but that's a whole different story.) 

By incorporating some favorite items for the kids, their son's affinity for the rubik's cubes, the family pup, and the daughter's flute, they will really remember this stage of life. It also helped them both to relax during the photography session, which is a win win!

Now, if you're wondering how I got them to laugh so hysterically at times, I'll just have to keep that one top secret, but if you know them, feel free to ask!! Now, this post is making me want to get a latte stat, so I better wrap this up.

Please enjoy a Saturday morning at home in Taichung, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about this session in the comments below!

If you're interested in scheduling an in-home or on-location photo session for your family, I'd love to chat with you about the details!!

You can contact me HERE. you want to go hit up a favorite cafe now too?!?! Enjoy!