Things Don’t Always Go According To Plan


This is true for everyone, right? Living overseas we always knew that we’d be moving back to the US at some point, and we’d started planning ahead for a summer 2019 move to Portland. 


But things change, and we were asked to move to Portland a year prior to our planned relocation, so the wheels quickly changed from summer travels to how to get our family of four moved from Taiwan to the US within six-ish weeks. I would be lying if I said that it hasn’t been stressful…and we were lucky that we were able to return to Taiwan to revisit our favorite restaurants, have a few last adventures on the island, take photographs in my daughters favorite places, and say goodby to our dearest friends.


Relocating to Portland Oregon 

A few weeks later, with SO many pieces of luggage, all my camera and computer gear safely in carry ons, not to mention two American Girl Dolls, we embarked on the next chapter of our family adventure to start our life in the Pacific Northwest.


We’ve been slowly adjusting to the American education system, giant grocery stores with more cereal options than you can imagine, and new seasons which are a huge contrast to life on a tropical island.

One Of The Many Gifts From My Expat Experience

Prior to living overseas I was working full time as a pediatric bone marrow transplant nurse practitioner.  This is not a career that one can continue while living overseas.  This new chapter in my life allowed me to invest time and energy into photography, which I had always loved. Out of that, Hunnicutt Photography was born. Now I have a career that knows no geographical borders, spanning not only newborn and family photography sessions to photography in person and online education and mentoring.

Portland, Oregon


I’m so happy that we’ve moved to such a dynamic location, with everything at our fingertips. I have a passion for photographing my kids as well as clients with the urban landscape as our playground, and Portland does not disappoint. I find interesting and inspiring backdrops for photos around every turn. But, we aren’t limited to the city! There are innumerable parks, mountains, and the coast within an hour…so opportunities for on-location photography sessions are endless.


So, if things have been a bit quiet around Hunnicutt Photography online (here on the blog, Instagram, and Facebook), do know that we’ve been busy as a family settling into our new life, and I was busy writing an online photography education course as well, which focuses on composition and color, two of my favorite facets of photography to focus on while making images. 

Create Memories Now

You never know what will change in your life, so lets plan a photo session today to capture your now, your family, in a place that you love and want to remember.

I’m so excited to start meeting new families and to photograph them at home, at their most important moments, such as the birth of their child, and out exploring in the Pacific Northwest!! 


Bring it on, 2019! This year is going to be a great one!