Family | In Home Lifestyle Session | Taichung, Taiwan

Celebrating Your Growing Family, At Home

As expatriates we often live in a new city and or 'home' for only a short time...and the type of home (house, condo, high-rise apartment) is often quite different than where we lived in our 'home' country. These locations are worth celebrating and creating memories in so that when we return 'home' we have a way to look back on where we were, but in our neighborhoods, and where we sleep at night. 

I photograph many families out exploring the city, which is a great way to capture families having fun, but equally important is photographing families where they spend most of their time, and these dear friends wanted to highlight their life and apartment before moving back to the US. (They were having their third photo session with me, and you can see their in-hospital newborn photography session and their first photo session here and here!)

So, we spent a little bit of time out on their balcony (don't they have an amazing view!) before it got blindingly bright outside, and then moved inside for some reading time, snuggles, play time, and of course couch jumping excitement! 

We had a fun morning playing in their current 'home' and making memories - We were focused on showing how their baby was growing and changing, as well as some group family images. This is a family that my little family has grown to love and cherish, and we will miss them a great deal in Taiwan...but I know more amazing adventures are in store for this family back in the US (and I'm secretly plotting some fun stateside adventures with them someday as our kids all grow!)

If you're interested in booking a photography session at home or exploring your neighborhood, don't delay! There's no better time than the present. Contact me and we can discuss your family and what memories you would like to capture!