What is a newborn in-hospital photo session? | Taiwan Newborn Photographer

When you have a newborn baby, those first moments are so precious, and your little baby changes almost every minute it seems. The new love you have just seems to be overflowing (I overflowed with tears a lot myself), and you just want to bottle up that feeling! But, how can you save this precious time for all eternity?

The answer is with an in-hospital/clinic newborn photography session. (This type of session is also sometimes called a 'fresh 48 session' or a birth-space photo session.)

An in-hospital photo session is a perfect way to capture the fleeting moments of newborn life and of the new love within your family.

How does an in-hospital newborn session work?

Fresh 48 / birth-space photography sessions with me are meant to be easy for you, as the new parent. We would chat a few months before your due date about you and your family, and then once you deliver your baby, just shoot me a text and we would work out the details of exactly when I would come to meet your new little baby. The optimal time is 24-48 hours after delivery, all bearing in mind that everyone is healthy enough to do so.

My goal for this type of session is that it is SUPER easy on you and your family. I may need to move you a little bit within your clinic room for optimal lighting, but otherwise my aim is to capture some photos of your baby alone, with each family member, and with your entire family. This ensures that all of the details of your first few days with your new love will be recorded for you to look back on.

All in all the session lasts approximately 30-45 minutes.

I love older siblings meeting their newborn baby brother or sister!

I love when the new baby has older siblings! We can schedule a photo session for their first meeting, or a subsequent get together.

Don't worry, you don't have to pose for an in-hospital photo session.

The love and wonder everyone has for a newborn just shines through naturally in your photos, so I don't need to pose you or your family or ask for cheesy smiles. The session will flow smoothly, almost in a documentary style, and I'll be done before you know it.

A recent in-hospital newborn session in Taichung, Taiwan

I recently had the honor of photographing a dear young family living in Taichung Taiwan as they welcomed their fifth member of their family to the world. They have experienced birth in Japan and the US prior to Taiwan, and it was important for them to record this experience for their family. I met with them on a fairly overcast summer day, and just love how the low light lead to some moody black and white images of our session. To truly understand what these photos meant to the family I was given permission to share what Kate said about their photo session when they shared some of the photos online.

In her own words:

"Rebecca Hunnicutt Farren of Hunnicutt Photography gave us an incredible gift with this photo session. I didn't anticipate how special (and fleeting) these first moments together as a family of five would feel and I'm so glad we had her to capture it. Now, we will always remember Ralph 'patting' his brother on his stomach - hard! - and Lizzie's focus when she put the pink cover over her brother's bassinet. Our clothes are mismatched, the kids are wearing each others socks, I'm in a postnatal girdle, too swollen for my wedding ring- and I LOVE how we look. I love how it felt being together and I'm so thankful we have these beautiful images."

48 Hours New In Hospital Newborn Photography Session

In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0000In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0001In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0002In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0003In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0004In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0005In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0006In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0007In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0008In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0009In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0010In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0011The siblings get in on the baby loving action
In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0012In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0013Newborn With Dad
In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0014In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0015In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0016In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0017In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0018Newborn Details
In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0019In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0020In_hospital_fresh_48_newborn_photography_taichung_taiwan_0021Some quiet snuggles with mom


If you are interested in discussing an in-hospital birth-space newborn session, please contact me. And don't worry if you live in Taiwan but are outside of Taichung, I am available to travel as well!

Any questions or comments? Feel free to reach out to me or leave your thoughts in the comments below.

p.s. I think that this type of session would make an awesome group baby shower gift for a new mother!!!

p.p.s. I also photograph newborn sessions in your home! Here's a recent in-home newborn session to check out if you're interested!