September - Storytellers Blog Circle

Do you ever look at images on Facebook or Instagram and you are instantly there? In the moment? This is the scene in my apartment quite often lately in the evening right before bed, both girls sitting at their desks hard at work on some little project of their own. It's a perfect calm before we read, and struggle for teeth brushing, and I love that they often get set up in this moment without any prompting.

This is an area of my home that I often do not photograph as we have minimal light, and it's a bit messy. I do let the kids decorate quite often, which you can see from all of the taped artwork on the doors and walls, and they each have an overabundance of toys in their rooms. We also live in a rental (read, not my curtains...) high rise apartment in the city, and their windows backup to a covered utility porch, so beautiful light in their bedrooms is not a thing. But, when I saw how well they were illuminated in their rooms, with the double framing of the doors and their bodies turned into each other, I literally RAN to grab my camera.


I know that this documentary image will bring me right back, to this moment, for years to come.

Settings for this image: ISO 2500, f2.2, SS 1/200

Equipment: Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 35mm 1.4Lii

Editing: Edited in Adobe Lightroom with a custom black and white preset.  I utilized the adjustment brushes to accentuate the highlights/whites, and to draw more attention to the two main subjects. I also love to use the radial filter to add depth/contrast/darken shadows in the surrounding environment within the frame.

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