Preparing for a family photo session can seem overwhelming, believe me I know. Choosing outfits for everyone has been known to cause me stress as well.

I hope that these tips will help to make the process less stressful for you and your loved ones.

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When taking family photographs I feel that it's really important for everyone to feel comfortable.

So, you have everything that you need already in your wardrobe.

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Dress comfortable and in your usual style,

& please keep the following tips in mind

For infants and toddlers:

  • if they will be barefoot, please avoid tight socks before the shoot as they may leave indentations in the skin, and it's nice to try for some feet detail shots with babies. 

For all family members:

  • Please try to avoid clothing with words or large logos

     (if you or your child has a special shirt in mind to use in a session, this can create very unique portraits, and this is something we can discuss prior to a session for a customized shoot)

  • Please also avoid bright white sneakers because these will pull the viewers eyes away from the subject's (your beautiful family) faces and to the clothes or shoes.

  • Bare feet when indoors is best. 

  • Please avoid dressing in strongly contrasting colors

    such as black and white (for example black pants and a white shirt) as they often do not photograph well together.

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  • Thinking in coordinating colors or brightness is a great tip.

    Like different blues, or choosing two colors to mix throughout the families clothes, or all in neutrals, or all in primary bold colors, or all in pastels. Patterns also look nice in photos such as stripes but you don't want to over do them. Smaller patterns photograph better than large ones. 

  • Please avoid having everyone in the exact same shade.

    For example, if everyone is wearing the same blue colored solid shirt, we can't tell where mom stops and child / baby begins.

  • Choose Mom's outfit first, and then coordinate everyone else accordingly.

    This will help you to feel confident and the best in your chosen outfit. (I’ve been told that this is the best tip received by so many Moms, and how I approach any photo session that we have as well.)

  • Layering clothing adds texture and interest to images.

    Think scarves, jean jackets, cute hats, necklaces, vests etc.

  • Clothes that move are great.

    Womens or girls dresses with material that can twirl or blow in the wind add serious interest to images.

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Summer in the Pacific Northwest is quickly approaching.

Now is the perfect time to book your family session before life and vacations get busy. Contact Me to schedule your next family photo session in the Portland Oregon and surrounding areas.

I’m happy to chat with you about your outfit selections too!!