Both birth space and in home newborn photography sessions are low stress times to enjoy your new family while creating lovely photos. Each offer unique benefits to your loved ones.

monochrome image of mom and dad looking at newborn baby in bassinet portland oregon vancouver washington birth space fresh 48 newborn photographer hunnicutt photography
mom holding newborn baby in hallway of their home portland oregon in home lifestyle newborn photography by rebecca hunnicutt farren

A birth space (also termed in hospital or fresh 48) photo sessions takes place in the first 1 to 2 days of your babies life.

They’re designed to capture this quick newborn period that changes in a flash. I aim to create lovely compositions that incorporate the birth space into the images as a memory of the environment where you are your baby were first together. I’ll capture the details such as the bassinet, bracelets, and maybe even a first diaper change and / or feeding session. These sessions are low stress, and I’m in and out in approximately 30 minutes. I’m a mother of two and previously worked as a pediatric nurse, so I understand the intricacies of the newborn period in the hospital.

newborn baby in hospital blanket on animal sheet in clear hospital bassinet at fresh 48 birth space lifestyle newborn photography session by hunnicutt photography

In home newborn sessions occur any time between when you arrive home and one month of age, preferably prior to the onset of baby acne.

At in home newborn sessions I allow more time for the session to take place, between 1-2 hours typically. This allows for feedings, naps, changing time, play time with siblings, and exploration of your home with your family. We can capture you all snuggling in bed, rocking in the nursery, or reading books on the couch.

overhead image of infant in moms arms at lifestyle in home newborn photo session by hunnicutt photography
newborn infant in moms arms in white swaddle holding moms shirt lifestyle in home newborn photo session portland oregon hunnicutt photography

Both birth space and in home newborn sessions capture the details of your newborn and your love as a family, just in different surroundings and with a different story to tell.

Both are low stress and meant to be an enjoyable time of family bonding. In the hospital we’ll capture the details of the room where your little one joined your family.

At home we’ll capture the details of your lifestyle, and how you all relax together.

Be in touch to discuss your options for newborn photography in Portland OR and Vancouver WA, including a discount if you do both a birth space and an in home newborn session.