Grey - The Color Project 2017

I will admit that the continuation of personal photography projects can sometimes be quite a challenge, and I did have a bit of a stall in our color project after completing the Grey Month. Perhaps it's the feeling that one gets from the color Grey, or the addition of travel and looking for colors that in unfamiliar surroundings.

Seeking out the color grey as our theme color was interesting, as you must not let the other colors in the frame become the subject with grey as a backdrop, and this provided an interesting challenge for me while looking for grey in our everyday life and adventures. So, please excuse the many photos of feet and shoes...but we sure do walk on a lot of grey! And I love capturing those details as well, capturing their size, style, and growth over time, so I'm not going to apologize! (And it'll help me to remember my favorite shoes too! HA!)

Nonetheless, we will be continuing this project into 2018 as we don't want to leave red, purple, or green out of our rainbow of images! So, stay tuned for those sets of photos in the coming year.


Are you new to following our color project? Please check out the previous posts of ORANGE, YELLOW, PINK, and BLUE! Thanks for looking! And, if you have any ideas for our color project, please leave those in the comments! We'd love to hear from you!